Anavar: In Canada

Anavar is a steroidal drug which has trademark of the drug known as Oxandrolone or popularly known as oxandrin. This drug is purchased in Canada with the name as Nexgen Oxandrolone. The Canadian laws are different for steroids. Anavar is known as an androgenic and anabolic steroid. When consumed it helps to gain lean muscles in the body, improve strength and decrease the recovery times of the body and helps to lose the body fat.

In Canada, not just Anavar is under strict controlled sales, but also many other medicinal or hormonal pills, like anabolic pills, human growth factor hormones, insulin pills to raise IGF levels and many weight loss drugs.

Anavar is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. It has been formed by revising the dihydrotestoserone with oxygen atom.It is a synthetic variation to testosterone hormone. The medicinal pill works to improve the muscles of the body by raising the protein catabolism and promoting weight gain. The earlier version of Anavar (oxandrolone) contained few side effects; however there is no possible risky sideeffect associated with usage of Anavar.


  • Helpsrestore muscles faster: it has been observed that Anavar helps heal cuts, abrasions and rashes faster when compared to other steroidal brands.
  • Recovers Muscle Building: It improves the lean muscle quality and thus it is good for women to consume since it supports lean muscle building.
  • Upsurges Strength: the overall strength of the body is increased. The studies of Anavar have showed that people who consume Anavar on regular basis can find an improvement in the quality of life. They seem to be more and rejuvenated. Thus, the wear and tear of the muscles after strength training is decreased and muscles heal much faster than on regular basis.
  • Progresses the Quality of Respiration: The respiratory function of the body is improved. It helps to reduce breathlessness and boosts he pulmonary function of the body. The oxygen capacity in the body is improved and indirectly, muscles recover faster.

Sideeffects and Dosage:

Anavar does not have any serious side effects like other steroids and they do not prevail for longer period of time. Any side effects which occur, affect the body for a short duration of time only. The studies have shown that these pills do not cause reproductive problems in females, jaundice hepatitis or liver and kidney problems. Since, it is anabolic steroid; it shows minimum number of side effects such as acne, change in skin tone, change of lipid levels in the body, hair loss or temporary baldness, liver toxicity, nausea and vomiting, giddiness and testosterone suppression.

The manufacturing of Anavar from Nexgen Oxandrolone is of 2.5mg, 5 mg and 10 mg. The tablet sizes vary depending on the manufacturer. A reasonable dose of Anavar a bodybuilder consumes is around 25 mg per day. However one should take it slowly with a span of few weeks.The Canadian laws are different for usage of steroids. Hence, it is always important to grab a comprehensive knowhow of the dosage and rules for obtaining the drug before getting started.